Ha’Gan Ha’Shikumi is blessed with a diverse group of committed and diligent volunteers. They bring the kindergarten a wide variety of special skills and talents, along with a warm and loving personality.
The volunteers work with the children each according to her skills, desires and inclinations; some support the work of the paramedical caregivers, prepare the children for studies, assist in the kindergarten classrooms, escort field trips, and more.
Some of the volunteers are veteran psychotherapists, and assist in treating and guiding families interested in such assistance. Professional staff members from the kindergarten guide the volunteers in their work in the kindergarten. In addition, each volunteer has a professional liaison from the kindergarten team as a guide. The volunteers meet twice a year for common learning and activity, and of course are invited to take part in the kindergarten’s study days, and in all events and parties.

Each year, the kindergarten receives a volunteer from The Action Reconciliation Service for Peace (ASF), a German volunteer organization established in wake of the Second World War. The volunteer works in one of the classrooms, and becomes an integral part of the kindergarten team. The kindergarten children teach the volunteer Hebrew, and benefit from her work and talents.
We wish to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to all volunteers of  Ha’Gan Ha’Shikumi!

Our volunteers

Ruthy Tzuriel – volunteer

Volunteering at  Ha’Gan Ha’Shikumi is a great privilege. I have been a volunteer in the kindergarten for five years, try to give of myself, and receive a great deal in return. At any given time, around the children there is a devoted, loyal team, one that will not forgo any trial and error, and does its job with the utmost patience and professionalism. This fills me with admiration and pride, to be a part of such a team. This year I took upon myself to coordinate the matter of motorized wheelchairs, and this gave me great satisfaction. I couldn’t imagine that with persistent work and repeated exercises I would be party to such creativity and significant progress of the children. Volunteering at  Ha’Gan Ha’Shikumi is a world in itself, accompanied by serious professional guidance, and a sense of belonging to a truly unique institution.

Anat Sheffi – volunteer

I was first exposed to the charms of Ha’Gan Ha’Shikumi at a fundraising evening for the kindergarten. I came to the event at the behest of a friend. I saw a film about the kindergarten’s activity, and listened to the words of a parent who described the tremendous support he got from the kindergarten team, and how much this helped him and his son deal with the difficulty of raising a child with special needs. At the end of the evening, I realized that I had found the place I would volunteer at when I retired. And so it was.
I got to volunteer in  Ha’Gan Ha’Shikumi for 10 years, until I moved to Tel Aviv. I volunteered at the kindergarten as a ‘driving instructor’. I taught and drilled children in riding on motorized wheelchairs.
I found a place full of optimism, creativity, respect and love. I worked with wonderful, special children, with a highly professional staff, who always found the time and keen desire to teach, give advice and compliment. I gained friendship for life.
I learned the importance and meaning of patience. I learned what persistence is, and how to appreciate the meaning of a movement, a smile, and a gesture. I got to see how the tools given the children in the kindergarten advanced them and opened new possibilities for them after graduating from the kindergarten.
What more could I wish for? I only wish there were more places like the wonderful place called  Ha’Gan Ha’Shikumi.

For details on volunteering at the kindergarten, contact one of the following:

Shuli – Volunteer Coordinator 058-7710457
or, leave a message for Mimi 02-6332411