The Hagshama NPO

Hagshama Amutat Ha’Gan Ha’Shikumi Non-Profit Organization(No. 580570380) was established in 2013, instead of Alvin Israel which for many years supported The Dvora Agmon Preschool Development Center. The NPO’s main goals are as follows: 
• Significant strengthening of treatments provided to kindergarten children by a skilled, professional team of NPO workers: Psychologists, educational counselor, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, gardening therapist, therapist with animals, rehabilitation assistants, and reinforcement of assistance by national service girls.
• Purchase of designated equipment for children of  Ha’Gan Ha’Shikumi.

• Financing of various purchases and special projects for children of  Ha’Gan Ha’Shikumi both within the kindergarten and outside it.

• Assistance in the development and enrichment of the professional teams of Ha’Gan Ha’Shikumi.

• Assistance to families of  Ha’Gan Ha’Shikumi children.

• Assistance and support in management of  Ha’Gan Ha’Shikumi according to their and requests needs .NPO members: (In alphabetical order)

1. Dr. Amir Ilan
2. Ben Zvi Haim
3. Prof. Gross-Tzur Varda
4. Har-Lev Osnat –  Ha’Gan Ha’Shikumi Director

5. Zohar Halevi Ariela, Adv.
6. Prof. Yirmiyahu Nurit
7. Daniel Nave, Adv.
8. Felsen Rafi
9. Dr. Kaplowitz Sarah
10. Anat Sheffi, Adv.

Board of Directors:
1. Chairman: Rafi Felsen 
2. Board Member: Ariela Zohar Halevi

Activity of Hagshama is funded from donations only. The activity of all board members is performed on and entirely voluntary activity. Details with regard to reports, documents, officers, and other details may be found on the GuideStar site for Israeli Hagshamas at: for Hagshama  Ha’Gan Ha’Shikumi