Activities within the kindergarten

Sports room

The sports room in the physiotherapy department is equipped with the finest equipment suited to the children’s motor activity: Ladders,


The kindergarten children enjoy activities on a weekly basis, as part of the TALAN extracurricular program – clown care, pottery,


Each month, soccer activity is held in the kindergarten for the children and parents of Ha’Gan Ha’Shikumi. The activity includes

Active kindergarten

The ‘active garden’ activity constitutes part of the changing activities that take place in the kindergarten, funded by the municipality.

Therapeutic garden

The therapeutic garden contains many trees and plants which offer the children the opportunity to explore, touch and come close

Play room

The play room is a space constituting a diverse, inviting play environment, that enables the kids to play together rich,

The yard

The kindergarten yard offers the children diverse movement activity and the opportunity to cope with the challenges found in the